Tuesday, February 21, 2017

[Backup] Why shouldn't you ever use ResilioSync? "Database Error" problem

Please find the updated version of this post here: https://piotr.westfalewicz.com/blog/2017/02/why-shouldnt-you-ever-use-resiliosync-database-error-problem/

As they say: there are two kinds of people in the World - those who pick up the ice cube that falls on the floor, and those who kick it under the fridge those who back up their files and those who haven't experienced losing all their files yet.

Which category do you fall in?

I decided to set up a backup system with ResilioSync - the heir apparent of the BitTorrent Sync software. Well, that wasn't good idea and I don't recommend anyone using this software.

Maybe it's me, however I prefer the backup software to be:
  • working and rock solid... dependable... stiff... hard... proven software
  • well documented
  • actively maintained (security patches, support)

Whereas my experience with ResilioSync turned out to be:
  • Working... kind of. That was until I've updated it. I don't remember precisely from which version to which version and you won't guess that from dates too, because the releases doesn't have dates. I believe that was from 2.4.3 to 2.4.4. Maybe from 2.4.X to 2.4.X. I'm sure the major number didn't change. It's so important, because the ResilioSync showed "database error" after upgrading. Bummer. This problem alone, caused that I exterminated that piece of software from all my devices. No, I didn't wan't to check why it happened, because it shouldn't happen at all. When my primary data would be gone, I would have lost my data.
  • The documentation is poor. You won't find it easy to follow. Sometimes you won't find what you are looking for at all.
  • There is very limited amount of activity on ResilioSync official forum. You also can't help yourself looking at the code, because it's closed source. My question about HTTPS still has no answer after 5 months.

This, of course, is just my opinion.

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